Dark Cocoa Luxury Milk (V)

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Our signature Luxury milk hot chocolate: smooth, creamy and deliciously decadent.

Made with Dark chocolate, our Cocoa Alchemy hot chocolate 'bombes' have mini vegan marshmallows concealed inside. Simply place a 'bomb' into a large mug and slowly add hot milk or your preferred milk alternative, watch while it turns into a luxurious chocolate drink before your eyes.

True chocolate Alchemy! Includes:
x1 Large Dark Chocolate Bomb, filled with Luxury Milk Hot Chocolate powder and mini vegan mallows.

Chocolate Shell: Belgian dark chocolate Couverture (Min cocoa 53.8%), Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Emulsifier; Soya lecithin, Natural vanilla, Certified Kosher Nutrition Facts per 100g - Energy 550kCal / 2303KJ, Fat 37g of which saturates 22g,Carbohydrate 46g of which sugars 43g, Protein 5.1g, Salt 0.01g

Marshmallows Ingredients: Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, dextrose, carrageenan, maize starch, hydrolized rice protein, flavour (vanilla), polyphosphate with natural colours. Dietary requirements: Suitable for vegans, gluten, dairy and soy free

Milk chocolate Powder: Sugar, Cocoa (39%), Dextrose, Salt, Flavouring. Contains Cocoa solids 39% minimum. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Nutrition Facts per 100g:Energy kJ 1673, Energy kcal 397, Fat 8g of which saturates 5g, Carbohydrate 66g of which sugars 59g, Protein 9g, Salt 0.6g