Welcome to your masion French Martini experience 

(Makes enough for 2 bon cocktails)


You will need: Ice Cubes, Bottle Opener and Two Martini Glasses (If sharing)

Lets Get Started: 

  • Ice, Ice baby ... now is not the time! Throw three cubes into each glass, your foundation is ready 

  • Pour a 50ml bottle of Absolut Vodka into each glass

  • Taking your steel measures cup, toss it into the air and catch it.  This is just for effect!

  • Now taking your mini bottle of Chambord fill the measure cup three quarters full and pour the same measure into each glass

  • Grasp the Pineapple juice and shake, uncap bottle and De-Cant half of it into the glasses 

  • Now the final flourish, insert steel stirring stick in your Martini's and stir.  Your work isn't over yet, garnish with Raspberries and present your achievements 

  • Sit back, put on Allo Allo, sip and enjoy